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Artists of Colour

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Artists of colour have an abundance of diverse and innovative arts practices that are essential to the cultural vitality of Ontario. The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) recognizes that historic and systemic barriers have affected access to opportunities and resources for many people of colour. This has led to marginalization and inequities for many artists of colour in the arts funding landscape.

In order for arts professionals of colour to thrive, increased infrastructure and resources are necessary to support their work and careers. Arts organizations and ad hoc groups/collectives from these communities may need additional support to develop as presenters, producers and administrators. There is also the need to foster leadership for arts professionals of colour within the communities from which they come. For these reasons, OAC has identified artists of colour as a priority group in our strategic plan Vital Arts and Public Value. Read more

Applicants who are of colour are encouraged to apply to any program in which their activities are eligible. In addition, OAC has a number of programs that were created specifically to meet the needs of artists who are of colour. 

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